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The law of probability tells us that the more artworks submitted
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Going into the last week of our Online Pattern Competition, it’s time to get submitting. Submissions close Friday 30 September 2022, 12pm (AEST).

Get inspired and get patterning, new inspiration images and awesome videos online now.  

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Prize Pack Unpacked

Take a closer look at all the goodies you could be winning.
Each prize pack is valued over $100 so what are you waiting for,
submit today to be in the chance to win 1 of 10 prize packs.

Prize pack contains:

Azul board game – family fun game using colourful patterned tiles

Crystal growing kit – everything you need to mix and grow sparkling crystals

Pattern colouring book beautiful Indigenous patterns to add colour to

 Crystal model kit with custom making instructions by Prof Stuart Batten

Assorted real crystals to start your collection

Cool Patterns Spotted This Week

Need some inspo? Take a look at a few of this week’s entries. There’s more on our website too! Check them out here

Monsters, Monsters Everywhere!

         Patrick - age 10         

East Meets West 
Jamie - age 11       

Purple Gate
Jasmine - age 8

Rainbow Calm Mat with Triangle
Boris - age 4

3D Flower Pattern
Andrew - age 6

Jayden - age 13

Tweets of the Week

The pattern spotting continues on Twitter.

@chitbhatia - @Crystal_a_day Chandelier symmetry in the hall of mirrors. #braggyourpattern#ECM33#Versaille


@ZeolitwMiFi - My daughter's creation makes me wonder whether our intuitive understanding of #symmetry is better than we tend to think. Maybe we make our lives more difficult by teaching it in an overly formal and abstract way...?

Morning dew on a eucalyptus leaf #BraggYourPattern

Rhubarb-blueberry frangipane tart 
#BraggYourPattern baking edition

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